Sci-Fi Corridor. Modular environment v3.
Sci-Fi Corridor. Modular environment v3.

Finally, I started work on my Sci-Fi modular environment pack for UE4 Marketplace. Customizable, high-quality, modular and fast in production and it is almost unreal combination =)

To make it real I decided to try the new technique for me from the Star Citizen game. In particular, they use Face weighted normal and various types of decals. More about this you can read here:

First of all, I created textures for trims, floaters and decals with NDo and PS, and after this base tile UE4 materials such as metal, rubber, plastic, etc. (I want to note that UE4 allows to create amazing procedural materials.) After finishing this set I realized "the sky is not the limit".

Only auto UV's without baking and texturing, that gives you more time for creating the design and less for technical boring moments. With using Modo UE4 Bridge this approach is even more effective.

It was made during 8-hour stream!

More artwork